Pai Gow Online Poker: How to Play

Pai Gow Online Poker: How to Play

On this page you will discover Pai Gow Poker Online, an interesting variant of Online Poker, where you have to combine luck and skill. The Pai Gow Poker Online, in fact, is the fusion between the Pai Gow (pastime of the Chinese tradition which means “make nine”) and Poker

One of the main reasons that made the success of Pai Gow Poker Online skyrocket in a very short time (it started to be appreciated in the United States around 1985, after being included among the gaming proposals in Las Vegas) is the risk relatively low loss suffered by the player. But let’s discover all its features together!

Although the two games are very similar, Online Poker and Pai Gow Online Poker have some fundamental differences:

  • First of all, during a game of Pai Gow Poker, each player is assigned a hand with 7 hole cards instead of a hand with 2 hole cards, as in Texas Hold’em, or with 5 cards, in the case of Classic Poker ;
  • The pace of games at Pai Gow Poker is slower than in the other versions;
  • The deck of cards that is used in Pai Gow Poker Online includes only one Joker and not two, unlike classic Poker;
  • In this version of the game, it is not possible to bluff because the heads up is not between the various players at the table but between the player and the dealer.

To start a game of Pai Gow Poker, you need to use a 52-card French deck plus a Joker. Cards have their face value, with the exception of the Joker which can only be used as an Ace or to complete a Straight, Flush or Straight Flush. The maximum number of players seated at the Pai Gow Poker table is six players plus the dealer.

At the start of the game, the players place their bets; subsequently, the dealer deals seven cards to each of them. All bettors sitting at the table must divide the 7 cards received into two piles, a hand of five cards and one of two, and bet on the possibility that those two sets of cards are better than those of the dealer: only in this way can he win. The draw, in fact, only wins the bet to the dealer. The five card hand is generally known as the High Hand , while the two card hand is called the Low Hand . The five-card hand must have a higher value than the low one in order to play.

Online casinos generally give you the option to settle the cards manually or automatically. If you prefer this second alternative, probably because you still feel inexperienced, click on House Way to select the option that will allow the system to sort your cards in two piles.

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